Kilcolman Castle

Kilcoran Castle
This was anciently the site of a ringfort named Cathair Gobhann, “the smith’s cathair”, belonging to the Uí Rossa tribe of Mogh Ruith.[5] The castle was built in the 1420s by James FitzGerald, 6th Earl of Desmond, who bought the land from William, Lord Barry around 1418.[6]Edmund Spenser (1552/53–1599) Confiscated by the Crown after the Second Desmond Rebellion (1579–1583), the castle passed to Philip Sidney. He granted it, together with 3,028 acres (12.25 km2) of land, to Edmund Spenser around 1586–1588.[7] He refurbished the castle and lived there for ten years, during which time, he wrote his epic poem The Faerie Queene (published 1590–96), inspired by the Tudor conquest of Ireland and influenced by the wild Munster scenery. He also wrote A View of the Present State of Irelande, Epithalamion, the Amoretti sonnet sequence and Colin Clouts Come Home Againe.[8] VISIT HERE